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MEDcom is an independent Polish limited liability company. We pride ourselves on manufacturing and distributing superior quality hygienic products.

MEDcom draws upon the strong experience base of its employees who have been in the business for well over 17 years.
MEDcom can directly attribute it success to its highly motivated employees.
MEDcom?s strategy is to provide customers with superior quality products at a faction of the cost compared to the competition.

MEDcom?s success is solely attributed to the TEAM effort of its employees.
We understand that the best assets of any company are its employees.
MEDcom has grown dramatically since its start in 2000; we are forecasting that this pace will continues for at least the next 10 years, that is why we will continue to need individuals who are interest in working in a emerging company where they can add value.
If you are interested in working in chance an organization please email your resume to hr@med-com.pl