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he need for disposable adult diapers is growing as the percentage of elderly people in our population grows. Disposable adult diapers help people with incontinence problems lead a normal life. They also help us all in caring for our loved ones in a respectable manner.
MEDcom's Adult Diapers feature:
  • Wetness Indicators, that clearly show when the diaper should be changed;
  • Strong yet soft polyethylene back sheet which seals moisture inside of the diaper so as protect your cloths and linens;
  • Four refasten able tapes, these soft refasten able tapes are easy to use and allow fastening and refastening many times;
  • Elastic waistband which is soft and cozy and provides a custom fit to your body;
  • Absorbent core which captures the moisture in and prevents leakage;
  • Standing cuff, which acts as the first guard against side leakage;
  • Elastic leg gathers which act as the second guard against diaper leakage.


Light incontinence pads are effective solution for light incontinence suffers to lead a normal healthy life. The pads are soft, comfortable and contoured shaped.
The core of these pads captures the wetness, locking in the moisture to prevent leakage and it keeps the shin clean and dry.


Bed pads are strong and have absorbent padding inside of them to make them absorbent. The pads help to keep fluid away from the skin, thereby reducing skin irritation.
The top sheet and back sheet of the pads is bonded together to make the pad durable, even if it is wet. This bonding also seals the edges of the pad to prevent leakage. Moisture proof polyethylene back-sheet acts as a moisture barrier to keep you bed and other surfaces dry.

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